About Us

Shore Birth provides private specialist obstetric care for women during pregnancy and birth as well as shared care and obstetric consultation services. 

Choosing a Specialist Obstetrician to care for you will ensure that you will have continuity of care whether you have a straightforward birth or one that is complicated.

Our Shore Birth specialist obstetricians are Dr Kerri Meuli, Dr Vijay Bhoola , Dr Maha Haddad , Dr Abir Abed-Ali, Dr Yvonne Li , Dr Tin Chiu,  Dr Reshma Desai, Dr Sergio Stefanelli and Dr Helen Allen (diabetic obstetric clinic only).

All our doctors deliver at North Shore Hospital while Drs Maha Haddad, Tin Chiu and Sergio Stefanelli are also specialists at National Women's Hospital.

There are specialist antenatal clinics most days and one of the specialists is on-call for women in labour and any emergency obstetric problems you may have.

We also have highly skilled and experienced midwives working at Shore Birth each day and we have a lovely team of postnatal midwives including lactation consultants. Shore Birth is family friendly and you are most welcome to bring your toddlers and other family members along to appointments.

Many of our specialists and staff are multi-lingual - we have fluent speakers of ArabicMandarin, CantoneseItalian, Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi.

We are currently located in modern rooms at 104 Rosedale Road in Albany. These rooms have plenty of parking including under-cover carparks and an elevator.