What to expect when you see us

We usually like to see you for your first appointment between 8-10 weeks gestation.  However it is sometimes preferable to see you as soon as you are aware you are pregnant.

Routine appointments are monthly from booking to 28 weeks, then fortnightly until 36 weeks and then weekly until delivery.  We will of course see you more frequently if it is deemed necessary.

Your first appointment is with our practice midwife to document all your medical and obstetric history.  This also ensures you have had all the relevant blood tests and early scans if required.  Your next appointment will be with our practice midwife and a specialist.  At each visit you will be required to test a sample of your urine and have your blood pressure level recorded.  Following this the specialist will assess the well-being of both you and your baby/s.

  • An anatomy scan is arranged at 19-20 weeks.
  • Further blood tests including screening for pregnancy diabetes are done at 27 and 35 weeks.
  • Between 32 and 37 weeks gestation the specialist will review a care plan for your labour and birth.  This will cover details such as your preferred options for pain relief, information surrounding Cord Banking, preferred disposal method of the placenta following birth, Vitamin K for your baby and other decisions.  This information is documented in your antenatal book.

You are more than welcome to bring along a support person for your appointments and if you wish a chaperone can be provided.