Our Care Options

At Shore Birth we offer two care options for you to choose from:

1. Full Specialist Care

Full Specialist Care at Shore Birth involves care by all specialists. Antenatal appointments are with a Shore Birth midwife and a Shore Birth specialist.

Shore Birth obstetricians will care for you throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth and a Shore Birth midwife will care for you at home once you are discharged from hospital.  You also have an appointment six weeks after your delivery with your delivering specialist.

During the antenatal period, you have the option to meet all the Shore Birth Specialists if you wish or you may prefer to see one or two.

We do appreciate a referral from your GP, midwife or Fertility Specialist.  However, you can phone us directly if you wish and you are able to transfer to Shore Birth at any time during your pregnancy.

2. Shared Care

Shared care is pregnancy care with Shore Birth and your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) which is either a midwife or general practitioner chosen by yourself.

Under the Shared Care option, a midwife or general practitioner is your lead maternity carer but you have shared care with the Shore Birth Specialists.

A Shore Birth Specialist will see you for approximately 3 antenatal visits and you see your Lead Maternity Carer for other appointments.

When you go into labour, you contact your LMC and once admitted to delivery suite your LMC will contact us.  A Shore Birth Specialist will visit you during your labour and be present for your delivery.  Your LMC will arrange your postnatal care and see you for your six week postnatal check.

The fee for Shared Care covers 3 – 4 antenatal appointments and your delivery.

If more than 4 antenatal visits are required, there will be an additional cost per appointment, or you may wish to upgrade to Full Care.